Why use Crowdfunding wishlist?

Are you interested in running a crowdfunding campaign, but aren't sure what incentives to offer would-be donors to motivate them to donate to your cause?

Crowdfunding Wishlist has you covered!

With help from our partners over at Crystalface, we can contribute rewards to your campaign to provide you the legitimacy you need to get your campaign off to a good start.


A local sports club is in need of funds to maintain a club amenity and needs to raise £2500.

Crystal face would divide your campaign fund raising value by the RRP of the LED Keychain, £24.99. In this case it equates to 100 units.

Our baseline package will provide LED Crystal keychains with a campaign specific design e.g. a logo, a name or picture.


How can i use these in my campaign?

This can be achieved by straight donations alone and/or by creating rewards to incetivise higher pledge amounts from your community of backers.

Each campaign can create their own pledge levels and rewards given so each case is different.

Sweepstack Rewards: Allocate few keychains as low level pledge prizes and pick a winner at random from those that pledge.


£1   Unlimited 

Straight Reward: Set a pledge level of £20 with a reward of the LED Keychain


Great way of engaging with your community after and during the campaign raising your profile



Reward Outlines

In this case we will use the sportsclubs logo and Crystal face will dontate 100 x LED Leychains as a reward for any donations that exceed £20. If your campaign sucessfully awards all of these then this reward alone could generate £2000.


Crystalface is a premium supplier of 3D engraved crystals, and can offer a few of their top-rated crystals for successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Any Community projects that need a boost with fundraising can build a campaign. Create your project and design a reward that will help supercharge your fundraising.