Replace equipment lost in recent arson attack against Avonmouth Football Club

Why are we raising funds?

Avonmouth Football Club was recently subjected to an arson attack. The fire was started in our temporary storage shed purchased for storage whilst improvements were made to the Clubhouse.

Luckily the fire was contained by the rapid response of the local Fire Services and didn't spread any further, but the loss and strain the club now face is yet another kick in the teeth.

What are the funds going to be spent on?

The shed contained:

  • Brand new Kitchen and work-tops which were due to be installed in the club over the next months.
  • Paint.
  • Windows.
  • Insulation padding.
  • Timber.
  • A diesel space heater.
  • Usefull football equipment.

The Shed itself was purchased for over £700 and once finished with, was due to be reused as roofing for the new dugouts.

What is the impact?

Unfortunately, now instead of looking forward to exciting new projects. We now have to refocus and waste valuable resources on tidying up the remains of the fire, purchasing everything that was lost and putting the Car Park back to a usable state.

Being a small club the impact of this attack hits more than just the financials. Its a kick in the teeth to all the volunteers that work tirelessly for a community club and has really impacted the clubs moral.

How can you support?

You can support by pledging some money to our campaign.

There are a range of pledge levels for every pocket and believe us when every penny counts.

At certain pledge levels we'll even reward your help by giving your an LED Crystal Keychain of  Avonmouth Football clubs logo.

I have no money but i want to support.

Dont worry!!!!

You can still help us by sharing our link and helping us to raise the publics attention.

Every social media post, every share, like and comment keeps us in front of 100's if not 1000's of people and ultimately more possible donations. 

Every little helps!!

Sneak preview of REWARDS

LED Crystal keychain with Avonmouth Logo